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Bug Tracking

As you review the DIGGS schema and tools during the pilot testing phase of the project, please submit issues, questions or problems through the bug tracker system.  Click the link below to access the system. 

Mantis Bug Tracker

Creation of CSV File

Keynetics is hosting a data entry file (DIGGS Feedback Tool) in XLS format that will generate a CVS file using the DIGGS fields.  The CVS file can then be used by the DIGGS Conversion Tools to create a XML/GML formated DIGGS file.

DIGGS Feedback Tool

DIGGS Conversion Tool

The conversion tool will take a CSV file and convert the file to a DIGGS XML/GML format. The conversion tool will also convert a DIGGS XML/GML file to a CSV file.

When using the Data Entry XLS file created by Keynetics, the file will automatically "call" the DIGGS Conversion Tool using a web service, convert the file. and save the converted file on your device. 

DIGGS Validator

A validator has been developed to assure that the DIGGS schema is working properly.  Business rules will be added to the validator to assure that there are no issues with data that has been submitted for transfer using DIGGS.   The validator will be available for use soon. 

Use of DIGGS with AGS Data Transfer Standard

For users of the AGS Data Transfer Standard utilized by the United Kingdom (UK) and its affiliated countries, there are AGS Conversion Tools that can convert AGS files to an Excel format that can be saved in a CSV format.  Once in CSV format, files can be converted to a DIGGS format.